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Ascended Master Vajrakilaya

Vajrakilaya (Sanskrit) and Dorje-phurba (Tibetan) mean “Irreducible depth truth piercing through like a dagger-spike”. The sharp point of the 3-edged phurba nails destructive influences and forces them to reform. Enlightening power pierces through the painful ignorance at the root of aggressive anger, desperate greediness, fearful clinging, insecure envy, and arrogant egotism. Penetrating the root of emotional afflictions and intellectual obscurations, the dagger of awareness alleviates problems by purifying their power to do damage.

Vajrakilaya is one of eight wrathful heruka deities - powerful, yet compassionate, expressions of the primordially enlightened innate awareness. The vajra wrath swiftly cuts through layers of conceptual mind and reveals the wisdom nature swiftly. Unlike the ordinary wrath that finds its expression in aggression and hatred towards enemies, the vajra wrath of the herukas is non-dualistic and compassionate in nature. It is the uncontrived expression of the power of compassionate wisdom. Vajra wrath destroys the forces that are hostile to compassion – namely, the dualistic emotions of hatred, aggression, attachment, pride and delusion – by annihilating the ignorance that is at the root of all afflictive emotions.

Among the eight heruka deities, Vajrakilaya being the embodiment of the enlightened activity aspect of all the Buddhas, his practice is particularly swift in granting common and supreme accomplishments. In addition to being a swift path for the supreme realization of Buddhahood, the practice of Vajrakilaya is also particularly effective for clearing away any obstacles that we might face in the path to enlightenment. It is also effective in pacifying social conflicts and disturbances and in mending the breaches of samaya.

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