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Entertaining YOU With Your Own Thoughts

Impossible Is Just a State of Mind.

WHO IS HE? One of the most unique and entertaining people you will ever meet, Jon Saint-Germain is the recipient of numerous awards, author of several books, and has served as a consultant for television specials.  On January 20th, 2009, he was a featured entertainer at the Inauguration of Barrack Obama! Click HERE to read the letter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff!

More than 1600 corporations and campuses have been entertained by him.  Have you?

WHAT IS HE? — He is a THOUGHT-READER.  He is a HYPNOTIST. He is an expert in Hand Analysis.  He is a student of the Human Mind.  Contrary to rumor, legend and the Weekly World News, he is not a Fortune-teller, Mutant, nor Space Alien. 


JON SAINT-GERMAIN combines psychology, Hypnosis, thought-reading, ESP, and all sorts of other obscure techniques to bring you a program of STUFF YOU DON'T SEE EVERY DAY.  Basically, people think of things and he tells them what they are thinking.  Usually.  About 95% of the time.  Hey, this isn't rocket-science; it's ENTERTAINMENT!  And cool, refreshing entertainment indeed, for those who THIRST FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Watch a man solve a Rubik's Cube BLINDFOLDED. See a person who has developed his intuitive senses so acutely he can answer your UNSPOKEN questions. Witness the fine line between the POSSIBLE and the IMPOSSIBLE completely dissapear!

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