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Ascended Master The Shekina

The Shekinah is said to be the twin flame of the Holy Spirit. She is the female aspect of the God-particle or creation energy. "She" is more of an essence than a being, but has the ability to show "herself" in ways that we will intuitively understand. She is acknowledged in the sacred teachings of Judaism and is also called "the Sophia of Jesus Christ" in the Gnostic Gospels. She is a powerful female essence who is here to bring about equality and to help the world move on from the male-centric image of God.

The Shekinah's presence reminds us that God is an all-loving and all-accepting energy and presence. Whenever she manifests to someone, it is believed she is identifying them as a person who has a sacred mission. These people are believed to be great bringers of change, love, or have splendid gifts to share with the world. It is said that white doves indicate her presence, either in physical form or as an image. It is believed that you can invoke the Shekinah by imagining a pair of pure white dove wings cocooning you in a bright light.

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