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Ascended Master Ratnasambhava

«Again in the past, immeasurable, incalculable kalpas ago, as many as the grains of sand in the Ganges River, there appeared in the world a Buddha bearing the title of Ratnasambhava Tathagata. Any man or woman, hearing the Buddha's name and showing respect to him, will soon attain the stage of an Arhat.»

The name Ratnasambhava is literally translated as "born from Jewels" or "origin of jewels." Ratnasambhava is said to focus on developing equanimity and equality and, in Vajrayana Buddhist thought is associated with the attempt to destroy greed and pride. Ratnashambhava is often depicted in Tibetan Thangkas with his female consort Mamaki and attended by the male Bodhisattvas Akashagarbhas and Samantahadra as well as female Bodhisattvas Mala and Dhupa.

Ratnashambhava is associated with the qualities of generosity, richness, beauty, creativity, expansiveness and the wisdom of equality. As per Tibetan Buddhism, the Wisdom of Equality aids one to see all things with divine neutrality and recognize the divine equality of all the beings in the universe. According the Tibetan Book of the death Bardo Thodol, Ratnashambhava appears to us in the third day of our after-death state, after Buddha Akshobhya.

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