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Ascended Master Rakoczi

Rakoczi had many incarnations. He was, successively, Saint Alban (third century C.E.), Proclus (a Neoplatonic philosopher, 410-85 C.E.), Roger Bacon (1220-92), Christian Rosencrutz (1378-1484), Hunyadi Janos (1387-1456), Robertus the monk (sixteenth century), and Francis Bacon (1561-1626). His last incarnation was Francis Rakoczi II, the last ruling member of the Royal Hungarian Rokoczi family. He was the prince of Transylvania and leader of the last major Hungarian uprising against Austria until 1848. He is celebrated today as a national hero in Hungary.

Francis was raised by Austrian standards and attended a Jesuit college in Bohemia, though he was majorly influenced by the nationalist fervor of his family growing up. Francis returned to his estates in Hungary in 1694 and was elected prince of Transylvania in 1704.

Around the turn of the 18th century, French monarch Louis XIV sought Rakoczi's help in his attempt to reduce Austrian power and promised to aid Rakoczi in return for an attempt at Hungarian independence. However, Rakoczi was arrested in 1700 after an Austrian spy alerted the emperor. He escaped to Poland and at the start of the War of the Spanish Succession, he led a Kuruc uprising in an attempt to gain Hungarian independence, leading to the War for Independence. However, the war failed, and Francis left Hungary forever in 1711, fleeing to Turkey in exile. He died still there on 8 April 1735.

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