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Please understand that there are MANY Ascended Masters and this is by no means a complete listing. This page is continuously under construction and growing. Click on a Master's name to get more information about them.

Ascended Master Lanello

When Summit Lighthouse founder Mark L. Prophet passed away on February 26, 1973, his widow Elizabeth Prophet taught that he became an Ascended Master known as the Ascended Master Lanello.

Adherents to the Church Universal and Triumphant and other Ascended Master Teachings believe that the Master Lanello was previously incarnated as a high priest at the Temple of the Solar Logos in Atlantis; Noah of the Bible, Ikhnaton, Aesop, Mark the Evangelist, Origen, Sir Launcelot; Bodhidharma, founder of Zen Buddhism; Clovis I, first King of France; Saladin, St. Bonaventure, Louis XIV, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; and Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia.

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