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Please understand that there are MANY Ascended Masters and this is by no means a complete listing. This page is continuously under construction and growing. Click on a Master's name to get more information about them.

Ascended Master Ishtar

Ishtar is known as the "Queen of Heaven" and was the patron goddess of the Eanna temple at the city of Uruk, which was her main cult center. She is associated with the planet Venus and her most prominent symbols include the lion and the eight-pointed star. Her husband was believed to be the god Dumuzid (later known as Tammuz) and her sukkal, or personal attendant, was the goddess Ninshubur (who later became the male deity Papsukkal).

A Babylonian mother, fertility, and warrior goddess with multiple unique traits, Inanna can be called upon for help with sensuality, the resolution of relationship troubles, assistance with conceiving, and for protection of the unborn. As a goddess of war, she can also be called upon for great feminine strength when conflict is unavoidable and necessary.

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