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Ascended Master Helios

The ancient Greeks knew Helios as the Sun God, and this Legend which has survived to the present day, says:

«Far on the eastern edge of the Earth was the golden palace of Helios, the Sun God. Every morning, when the East was beginning to turn pink, the pink-footed Eos-Goddess of the Dawn opened the golden gate, and Helios rode out of the gate on his golden chariot, which was drawn by four white, like snow, winged horses. Standing in the chariot, Helios was holding tightly the reins of his riotous horses. And he shone with the blinding light emitted by his golden long garment and radiant crown on his head. At first, its rays illuminated the highest peaks of the mountains, and they began to glow, as if they were engulfed in fire.

The chariot was rising higher and higher, and the rays of Helios poured onto the Earth, giving it light, heat and life.

After Helios reached the heights of heaven, he began to slowly descend in his chariot to the western edge of the Earth. There, on the sacred waters of the Ocean, a golden boat was waiting for him. Winged horses brought the chariot with the rider right into the boat, and Helios rode on it along the underground river to the east into his golden palaces. There Helios rested at night. With the onset of the day, he again went out on his golden chariot to the heavenly expanses in order to give light and joy to the Earth.

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