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Please understand that there are MANY Ascended Masters and this is by no means a complete listing. This page is continuously under construction and growing. Click on a Master's name to get more information about them.

Ascended Master Casimir Poseidon

«Casimir Poseidon was every inch a Magnificent Ruler. He was fully six feet four inches in height, well built and straight as an arrow. When he stood, he towered above those around him and—the very atmosphere seemed charged—with Mastery. His golden hair was heavy and hung full to the shoulders. The royal robe was made of a material that looked like violet colored silk velvet trimmed in gold and under it he wore a close fitting garment of soft golden fabric. His crown was a simple band of gold with an immense diamond in the center of the forehead.»

-Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfre Ray King

Casimir Poseidon’s empire was located in South America. At its peak, about 12,000 years ago, the citizens of this golden-age civilization were masters of metallurgy, chemistry and mining. Casimir Poseidon, already then an ascended master, led his people in the ways of God. Among his profound instructions he gave them the motto, "Learn to love to do well, and you shall!"

For approximately two thousand years, the citizens followed his advice, and greatly loved their ruler. Gradually, however, their morals decayed and they turned to the paths of selfishness, and the empire fell.

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