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Please understand that there are MANY Ascended Masters and this is by no means a complete listing. This page is continuously under construction and growing. Click on a Master's name to get more information about them.

Ascended Master Anubis

Anubis is an incredibly ancient god, and is the original god of the dead. His totem of the jackal is probably due to the fact that jackals would hunt at the edges of the desert, near the necropolis and cemeteries throughout Egypt. Unlike a real jackal, Anubis' head is black, representing his position as a god of death. He is rarely shown fully-human, but he is depicted so in the Temple of Abydos of Rameses II. There is a beautiful statue of him as a full jackal in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Prayers to Anubis are found carved on the most ancient tombs in Egypt, and his duties apparently are many. He watches over the mummification (or embalming) process, and ensures that all funeral arrangements are done properly. He is the gatekeeper and ruler of the underworld, the "Guardian of the veil" (of "death"). He is said to protect souls as they journey there, and thus be the patron of lost souls (and consequently orphans).

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