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Ascended Master Afra

«“Truly, I love you. I have loved you from the beginning. I shall love you unto the ending. And I shall never leave you unless you command me to be gone. And even then, I will argue with you.”»

The Ascended Master Afra is the patron of Africa and also the sponsor of the black race. Eons ago, he was the first member of the black race to make his ascension. Such a fine servant to God was this blessed soul that he asked to be called simply “a brother”—or frater in Latin. And so “a frater” became the word Afra. And from his name, the name of the continent was taken.

Eons ago, there were ancient golden ages in Africa when it was still a part of the continent of Lemuria. Afra lived 500,000 years ago when the people of this ancient civilization had reached a crossroad. Fallen angels who had invaded planet Earth divided the people. These evil angels set out to turn the people toward hatred, greed and lust for power. Over time as the people fell prey to these influences, they became more and more vulnerable to the divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen angels. The civilization became divided by the warring factions of its tribes. The people were losing the inner spiritual battle between the forces of light and darkness within them. And their division, both within and without, allowed them to become enslaved under the powers of darkness.

Seeing the plight of his people, Afra took embodiment among them in order to rescue them. First, he pinpointed the one missing trait that he perceived to be the Achilles' heel of his people: their lack of brotherhood. Afra knew that for his people (or any people) to be saved, they would have to follow a path of brotherhood. The only way he could teach them to be a brother to all others was to be a brother to all himself. Afra set out preaching a message of love, brotherhood, and equality for all.

Unfortunately, the damage done by the dark forces was too great. The people were totally consumed by their anger, greed, intolerance, tribal quarrels, and hunger for power. His message fell on deaf ears, and was feared by the leaders of the time. Afra was crucified by his own people. He was the Christ in their midst, but they knew him not.

Today Afra still works to bring about salvation to the people of Africa and elsewhere.

«"I am your brother—not your Lord, not your master, but I am your brother on the Path."»

Afra is renowned for his message of unity and brotherhood for people everywhere. This beloved brother of light is pledged to solve the problems of intolerance, racial injustices, local disputes, discord in churches and religion, arguments between nations, and any place where evil forces plot to turn brother against brother. We need Afra today as never before.

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