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The Fabulous CICADA

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My Locking Clipboard, especially designed for preshow work!

When I introduced the Brown Hornet to the mentalist world, it was called a "Quantum Leap in mentalist's Clipboards."  I designed the Brown Hornet to provide an instant-access means to obtain information -- that is; to got the information during the show.  THE CICADA is strictly a pre-show device, with a locking feature to secure it from too curious audience investigation.

More history: For decades, the state-of-the-art preshow board has been Nelson's Ultra-Perfect clipboard, but what's up with that weird clip?  It looks like nothing you see in the real world.  So, to make a long story short, I decided to go to the drawing board and make the perfect preshow clipboard.

The Cicada is the result.  It has a natural-looking clip that's easily removable in about fifteen seconds -- yet is IMPOSSIBLE for an audience member to remove while drawing a picture or writing a word -- does not use carbon paper for the information-capturing device (it uses the same sensitive technology as the Hornet, so you don't ever have to replace anything) and looks completely like a regular Masonite board that you would buy at any office store for a dollar.  In fact, it's a twin for the Brown Hornet.

It gives clear, reliable impressions, resets quickly, and there's no way that audience members can accidentally open the unit or stumble upon the secret.  The internal mechanism is recessed, so there's never any tell-tale bulge.  The outer surface is thin but durable, to maximize the clarity of the impression. If you prefer to use magnetic film or carbon paper, it's a cinch to replace the removable insert with anything you like.

In my opinion, this is the most nearly-perfect and natural  looking preshow clipboard that's ever been designed.  When you see the internal mechanism, you'll chuckle with an evil delight!

Price: $250