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A note regarding extending the life of your Impression Devices

It's come to my attention over the years that many people have experienced a decline in quality of the impression over time. There are various reasons for this, mainly I think the accumulation of finger oils and dust on the gray film of the impression material. So what I've decided is to offer a refurbishing service for all my products. Basically, for $15 I'll send you a replacement Magic Slate for any of my Imp devices. If you're technically challenged I'll even replace it for you if you'll pay shipping. Contact me for details.

The Brown Hornet -- a revolutionary impression device that you'll love and actually USE!  Click Here for information.
The Fabulous Cicada -- My best Pre-Show Board, this looks like the Brown Hornet but cannot be opened unless you know how!  Click here for information!
The Baby Hornet -- A pocket-sized version of the best clipboard ever made.  Click Here for information. 
The Skeeter -- a pocket-sized version of the Brown Hornet that will suck the skepticism from your audiences.  NEW-- MY BLUE VIAGRA MODEL!  Click here. 
The Butterfly -- My rendition of the Impression Notebook, now available in several models. Click Here.
The Mascot Moth -- The Cadillac of Impression pads, a 5" x 7" Notebook. Click Here.
The Bookworm -- A new style of Impression book; made in Paperback. Click Here.
The Executive Assistant-- A clip Portfolio, available in two sizes.  Click here
The Black Mantis-- A Preshow Clipboard in two sizes. DISCONTINUED

THE OUIJA Oracle Board The most deceptive device I've yet designed, a 6" x 9" Letter board, in three different designs. Click Here


$15 overseas Shipping: