Please note that there is sometimes (though not usually) up to a two week to one-month wait before I can get to your order, based on my performing schedule.


PLEASE READ FAQ before e-mailing me "When can I expect my order."

Welcome to the new and improved website of Secret STUFF


My online distributor, KUNAKI, will delete (without informing me) my DVD titles if they lie dormant for 180 days without an order. I usually try to keep up with this by ordering all my titles every three months or so. I'll occasionall run a special sale of these surplus DVDs, so watch out for these sales, by the way.

Unfortunately, the entire PSYCHIC EPIPHANIES series was cut from my catalog over two years ago. I say unfortunately, because this series contained, in my opinion, some of my very best ideas. I've been meaning to re-upload them to Kunaki for quite some time, but the upload process takes (I'm not exagerating) DAYS.

THE GOOD NEWS: I have uploaded all four of them. They are available again. I plan to do this with all my out-of-stock DVDs. TEN THINGS A MENTALIST SHOULD NEVER DO and JOHN RIGGS UNCHAINED will soon follow!

This is a link to all my DVDs on the Kunaki Sales page:

John Riggs DVDs 

My Products are available again! However...

You'll notice there are no Paypal Buttons. this is because I'm no longer taking orders for them. If you want to order something, there's a different procedure.

In the past, I've had a lot of trouble with the standard ordering process. Specifically, I would receive orders from people I didn't know, and worse--they didn't know me. nor did they take the time to read my FAQ page. Or this page. So they didn't understand, or care, that I make these products (and some of them take many hours to make) in whatever spare time I have. So after a few days, when they didn't receive their item, they would report me to PayPal--and earn a place of honor on my Banned List (as explained in great detail on my FAQ page. So here's our new process:

E-mail me with the items you would like me to make for you. I'll either have some available (rarely) or will let you know when I'll have them for you. I'll contact you when your requested items are ready. You won't pay for them until they're ready. This should prevent any frustration on anyone's part.

Please notice this does not apply to books and DVDs! Only Clipboards, Notepads and other handmade items.

Please read the FAQ page. Please read this page. Contact me with questions.

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