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JUNE 27 2014:

BABY HORNET temporarily unavailable until I get replacement boards made for them. I don't know when this might be. I'm smack in the middle of redirecting the thrust of my business and it's keeping my hands full at the moment.


Using an oracle parchment, a small water glass, and a set of alphabet dice (Boggle Dice) you're able to provide your reading participant a full, detailed TWELVE-MONTH prognostication. The DVD has a downloadable graphic file of the parchment design, or you can buy a cool stained and finished one from me if you like. Boggle dice are easily found on amazon,e-Bay, estsy, anywhere.

On this DVD I cover Numerology readings as applied to prognosticatory readings ad how to use the chart. The chart, by the way, has numerous prompters and cheaters built in to minimize menory work.

This is a real-world method. I use it myself and have tested it in my own work, and unlike many hyping "revolutionary" new systems, I actually perform readings for a living, have been doing them for decades, and am known for doing them.

JUNE 01, 2014:


VERY LIMITED HAPPY TIME OFFER FOR YOUR FUN JOY--THE SHAMAN STARTER SET. This is a very nice BONE ORACLE READING SET I asembled for those of you who have my ANOMALOUS ORACLE DVD. For those of you who don't, I've written some basic instructions to get you started.

I assembled SIX SETS of these (ONLY THREE LEFT) and I can't say when I'll have more. The set consists of six bones, four cowrie shells, a coffin nail, a cat's eye shell (torno snail shell), a scrabble tile, a die, a small child's alphabet block, a king-cake baby, a colored stone with an emotion engraved upon it, a white skull bead, a blck skull bead, a nutmeg, a traditional linen draw-string bag in which to carry the oracles, and one of my hand-made parchment astrological throwing surfaces on which to toss them (I'll have these for sale at some point as a seperate item). I inclde instructions, but if you have Anomalous Oracles, reading this set will be child's play.

The price for this set is $100 via priority mail and when they're gone, they're gone. I may have more later, but it takes time to collect, clean, and bleach those bones, and to collect the curios I put with them. The next set may have a completely different set depending on what I have left over from my own uses. Please e-mail me if interested and I'll send you an invoice. AS OF TODAY (JUNE 27) I HAVE THREE LEFT. Price: $100

March 25th, 2014:

Latest news: I've almost completely caught up with pending orders, and April is traditionally a slow month for me. So this is a very good time to put in orders, especially if you want multiple items. The turnaround time will be much faster than usual. Just sayin'.

March 2014:

Latest news: I have to occasionally order copies of my DVDs so my on-line provider doesn't delete them from the catalog. Consequently, I find myself at the moment with a set of my DVDs than I can't really do much with, except make the following offer: I have one complete set of From the Cradle to the Grave Vols 1-5, originally retailing at $250, I will sell to the first person making the inquiry for $200. A set of Gods With Feet of Clay Vol 1-5 original price $200, I will sell to the first person making inquiries for $150. Same with a set of Psychic Epiphanies vols 1-4, original retail is $160, I will sell this set to the first comer for $140. First come, first served.

RUSH ORDERS: AGAIN, seldom possible. But if you live overseas, (or even in the US) and you need an order within a couple of weeks, I'll try to accomodate. However, I strongly advise you contact me about paying extra for expedited delivery, such as overseas priority or even express mail. I usually ship First Class Mail, which the post office assures me is 5-7 days. Sometimes, I'm told, in certain parts of the world, this has been more like 3-5 weeks. So if you truly need the stuff in a hurry, and if I have agreed to get it to you in a hurry, do yourself a favor and pay for expedited delivery. Yes, it's expensive, but you will get it in plenty of time.

John Riggs


Imp devices are subtle tools which require experience in audience management and psychological touches to use effectively. This is true of any Imp device, not just mine. If you're a beginner or have little performing experience, my tools may not be for you at this time. In the hands of an experienced performer they are foolproof and indetectable, but these are not for beginners.