Please note that there is sometimes (though not usually) up to a two week to one-month wait before I can get to your order, based on my performing schedule.


PLEASE READ FAQ before e-mailing me "When can I expect my order."

Welcome to the new and improved website of Secret STUFF

New address to find my SECRET STASH:

E-mail me with questions, but first check the FAQ page.


PLEASE READ FAQ before e-mailing me "When can I expect my order."

Please note: Books and DVDs always come from a different distributor than my hand-made impression devices. I have online distributors who handle my books and DVDs. I never touch nor see them. You will get those shipped almost immediately, and never along with impression devices, which are made, packaged and shiped by me. usually, much later.

Dec 10th, 2017:

Happy Holidays to everyone, and thanks for your patience. I'm getting orders out as I can, and as of today i have almost made it to November orders. Thant's right--I am only one month backordered. The good news is that when I get on a production run, I can usually get as much as two to three weeks worth of orders caught up. So remember, patience is a virtue. You will get your stuff. I'll try to get your stuff to you by the holiday season.


May 25th, 2017:

I will be significantly reducing the variety of items I currently make until further notice.

This is a necesary step so that I can reduce the turnaround time. Some people, apparently reading neither this page nor the FAQ page, have been getting rude and ugly over the waiting period, and it's either streamlining my product line, or ending this aspect of my activities altogether. I'm only keeping it going these days from creator's pride.

April 28th, 2017:

Orders going out regularly. PLEASE READ FAQ before e-mailing me "When can I expect my order."

Basically, you can expect it when you get it. I believe my postage program,, issues an e-mail to you when I print the postage. A least, it asks for your e-mail address. I assume it sends an e-mail to you. This was one of many reason (plus tracking on every shipment) why I subscribe to this excellent service.

As I'm caught up on all March orders, and have worked my way to April orders, which for me is pretty good, I'm beginning on orders recieved in May. I have declined attending an event I really wanted to attend in in Mid-May, in California, where I was invited to deliver a presentation, so I can get caught up on pending business. I hope there is appreciation.

March 29th, 2017:



I have finally brought the skeeter out of retirement after two years.

You may go here to order.

January 23rd 2017

New address to find my SECRET STASH:

November 3rd, 2016

Please read my FAQ page, and avoid disturbing events such as those which occured twice last month. I make it clear that there can be up to, and possibly more, than a month turnaround time on your order. Well, I was reported twice last month to Paypal. Once, seven days after I received the order. The other, twelve days. Alas. Both received refunds, a lecture, and a place on my Blacklist. This may seem harsh, but my merchant account has had some of its features restricted due to an excessive number of these disputes. I don't think seven disputes out of the hundreds of transaction I've conducted is excessive, and I resolved them all) but it got me scrutinized by Paypal's fraud department.

I'm going to put my TOS on the top of each page, since apparently a lot of people are quick to order without reading either this launching page or my FAQ page.

In other news, I'm completely caught up on orders as of today, so turnaround time should be fairly fast.


Imp devices are subtle tools which require experience in audience management and psychological touches to use effectively. This is true of any Imp device, not just mine. If you're a beginner or have little performing experience, my tools may not be for you at this time. In the hands of an experienced performer they are foolproof and undetectable, but these are not for beginners.