Entertaining You With Your Own Thoughts

How do you make your next event one that your audience will talk about for months afterward?


MINDBENDERS  a fast-paced, funny, amazing NINETY-minute presentation that deals with the hidden abilities of the human mind, exploring the area of perception, intuition and Hypnotism

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? While most speakers tell you about the amazing potential of the mind, Jon Saint-Germain shows you!  We all know that “one picture is worth a thousand words.” MindBenders! dramatizes the mysteries of the human mind in ways that will leave your audience talking for months to come.  You'll know you made the right decision when you hear your audience's laughter and gasps of amazement!


"Everyone is still talking about what you did! . . . " -- Bill Mason, Mason, Peterson, and Smith Law Offices


". . . Everyone here at the office is still talking about how wonderful you were . . . It was truly an evening to remember and a Christmas party that we will never forget." —Diana Whiteside, Wendy’s Corporate Office


"...Everyone was talking about your performance all through the night."

-- Lisa Kincaid, Royal Brass and Hose


People remember the Saint-Germain experience for years afterward. Isn't this what you want for your event?

The show is in three parts:

 Part One is an interactive audience participation experience involving fun ESP and mind-reading scenarios where Jon and members of the audience read each other's minds.

Part Two is a hypnotism demonstration, wherein audience volunteers, under the POWER of HYPNOSIS, people whom you know and work with  become movie stars, ballet dancers, Space Aliens and even Strippers (don't worry; no clothes really come off)!  You'll know you made the right decision when you hear your audience's laughter and gasps of amazement!

Part Three concludes with the entire audience participating in The Great Group Mind-Reading Experiment, where they concentrate on personal questions and Jon Saint-Germain, his senses sealed shut, attempts to tune in on their thoughts.


  • SEE the power of concentration at work, creating vivid, memorable images that your audience will never forget. We guarantee you'll remember a man blindfolded with duct tape and four towels,  reading people like an open book, a lot longer than the rubber chicken you had for dinner or the inebriated rendition of "YMCA" the guys from accounting did last year.

  • HEAR the amazed gasps and delighted laughter of your audience as they experience the time of their lives.

  • FEEL the excitement as your audience begins to realize their OWN hidden potential. MindBenders! involves the entire audience and focuses the spotlight on the wonderful abilities of each individual.

  • KNOW that you have made the right decision when you bring MindBenders! to your event. Mr. Saint Germain is fully insured, safety certified and never performs obhectionable or embarassing material.

  • RELAX . . .  you're in the hands of an experienced, professional entertainer. MindBenders! is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee if your audience isn’t amazed and delighted.

  • The only show of its kind, anywhere. Especially designed for maximum entertainment impact. Enthusiastically received by over 1600 distinguished groups from all parts of the country.  Low-maintenance on your part.  We provide all necessary props, PA reinforcement, backdrops and lighting. Powerful, POSITIVE audience-friendly entertainment.

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