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The Brown Hornet Impression Board!

AFTER TWENTY FIVE YEARS, still the most natural, practical,

and innocent impression board ever designed.


The unique features of this board make it perfect for professional use.  The features:

       EXACTLY resembles an ordinary brown Masonite clipboard such as we’ve seen all of our lives. 

       You can peek the information in less than a second.

       Nothing is added or taken away.

       I’ve eliminated the "Visible Panty Line" bulging or wrinkling of the surface that occurs with other boards.

       An ultra-sensitive impression is obtained due to my propietary "Brown Hornet Principle.".

       Extremely durable under real performing conditions.


          The manufacture of the Brown Hornet represents several hours of time and very specialized materials, skills and procedures. 

The Board

is a 6" x 9" Masonite clipboard. I retrofit an existing clipboard with an impression-capturing technology that I devised in 1994 that involves magnetic vinyl and Magic Slate. NOTE: This is not magnetic detection film that uses a magnetic pen. You can write with anything.

         The Impression Surface:

         Is a sensitive Magic Slate material split to an ultra-thinness, that covers the majority of the inner surface. Therefore, the entire surface of the board is hot. Due to the construction of the board, there is no "visible panty line" to give anyone a clue that it is anything other than an ordinary clipboard.


           The Brown Hornet can be used for pre-show information gathering or for real time, during the show.  During showtime, you have quite a bit more control over the audience volunteers and don’t have to worry about someone trying to peel away the front of the board. 

           To peek the secret impression, lift up the bottom edge of the front.  It will peel upward, revealing the impression area.  Drop the flap and it re-attaches itself. If you wanted, you could peek one audience member’s info, reset the Magic Slate, and clipboard a second audience member.

Several peeks are described in the comprehensive manuscript included, plus many more handlings are included on Gods With Feet of Clay Volume One and The Brown Hornet Tutorial DVD.

Price: $200