Please note that there is sometimes (though not usually) up to a two week wait before I can get to your order, based on my performing schedule.


Ungimmicked Duplicates

I do make ungimmicked duplicates for all my products, which are basically exact duplicates of the gimmicked items minus the impression capabilities. This means, in the case of the clipboards, the hardware is an exact match too. So I drill out the orirginal rivets and replace them with the ones I use for the hornet, or in the case with the Cicada, the screw-and-bolt combination. I also have to stain these boards, just as I have to do the gimicked ones. Why? Well, the vageries of manufacturers made it necessary.

You see, not just any clipboard will do. There are two kinds of clips: THIS:High Capacity Clip - 6''

and THIS: Low Profile Clip with Rubber Feet

This first one will over a very short time, cut into the vinyl surface of my clipboards. The second one will not. The manufacturer of the board with Saunders - 05510 - Recycled Hardboard Clipboard - Memo Sizethe second clip, Saunders, decided to go from a dark hardboard to one of a lighter color a few years ago. A sample of these effite boards are to the left.

I changed the color of my gimmicking to match the new boards, and the mentalist world howled in outrage at the new, "pink" boards. Mentalists are by nature a macho bunch, prefering black leather props, black suits, dark woods, etc, and even though these boards were beige, not pink, I guess they were close enough to trigger the aversion response. This meant I have to stain them, which I do to this very day. Front and back. Two coats. Now my boards, both gimmicked and UN, are dark and brooding.

I 'splain all this to you because I offer two options for you for gimmicked boards. If you want an EXACT duplicate of either the Hornet or Cicada, where I match both hardware and surface, they're $20 each. If you don't need an exact duplicate but just want me to stain a couple of boards for you for a pretty close match, two for $20. Or you can go to the Saunders website, order some yourself, buy woodstain, handrub them with a cloth, make a huge mess, and do it yourself. Your call.

Two Basic Clipboard Duplicates $20

Brown Hornet Exact Duplicate $20


Cicada Exact Copy $20

Overseas Postage $15